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Army Center of Excellence

Mission Statement

     North Carolina Food Services is dedicated to providing soldiers with outstanding food services. Our business is to create the structure and systems needed to allow soldiers their meal requirements in a warm atmosphere. After that we will work hard to provide a good meal that is prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. To best describe our philosophy we use two words: pleasing soldiers.


     To be the world's best. To contribute to the growth, joy and enrichment of the soldiers' lives we touch. To be as integral part of the social and psychological development of the military community we serve.


     Integrity, Service and Excellence. These three words epitomize the core values of North Carolina Food Services. Living these values means living to a higher standard. Every employee must believe in and live by these three simple elements. Our foundation is integrity - we are fortified by a commitment to the service of our fighting forces and fueled by a drive for excellence in all we do.

North Carolina
Food Services

P. O. Box 641
Hopkinsville, KY 42240

(270) 886-5551 Ext. 0

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